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Products Overview

In this document, you’ll get an overview of the product listing page and all the things you can do with it.


Products are the goods you sell in your store. They can be physical or digital products. They can also be simple products or products with variants.

You can create products and edit their details. That includes basic info, sales channels, inventory management, prices management, and much more.

Part of the product domain is Categories. Categories allow you to organize products into more than one category. You can also manage the hierarchy of the category. An example of a category could be "Women" with "Shirt" as a nested category.

Another part of the domain is Collections. Collections are used to split products for a marketing or sales purpose. For example, you can create a "Summer Collection" to showcase products for the summer.

View List of Products

You can view the list of available products in your ecommerce store by clicking on Products from the sidebar menu.

In the list, you can see product details such as the name, collection, inventory, and status of the product.

Change Product View

List View

To view products in a list view, which is the default view, click on the listlist icon at the top right of the product list.

Grid View

To view products in a grid view, click on the gridgrid icon at the top right of the product list.

View List of Collections

You can view the list of collections on the Products page by clicking on the grey Collections headline next to the Products headline.

In the list, you can see collection details such as the title, handle, and the number of products in the collection.

Learn More About Products

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