Primitives for building Medusa applications.

Welcome to Medusa UI, a React implementation of the Medusa design system. It is a collection of components, hooks, utility functions, icons, and Tailwind CSS classes that can be used to build a consistent user interface across the Medusa Admin and other Medusa applications.

Medusa UIColors, type, icons and components


Medusa UI is split into multiple packages. Each package is published to npm and can be installed separately.

  • @medusajs/ui - React components, hooks, and utility functions used in Medusa UI.
  • @medusajs/ui-preset - Tailwind CSS preset containing all the classes used in Medusa UI.
  • @medusajs/icons - Icons used in Medusa UI.


At its core, Medusa UI is a styled and slightly opinionated implementation of Radix Primitives. Our team have also referenced the fantastic shadcn/ui for inspiration in certain implementations.

Our team strongly believe in keeping the components simple and composable, much like Medusa's foundation. This allows you to build whatever you need. Our team have tried to avoid overloading the component API and, instead, leveraged the native HTML API, which gets implemented and respected accordingly, and passed to the underlying elements.

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