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Customers Overview

In this document, you’ll get an overview of the customer listing page and all the things you can do with it.


You can find the list of signed up customers on your store in the Customers page. For each of those customers, you can view details such as their orders, or personal information.

Part of the Customers domain is also Customer Groups. Customer groups allow you to put together a set of customers for business purposes. For example, you can create a VIP customer group for customers that you want to give special discounts.

View List of Customers

You can view the list of available customers in your ecommerce store by clicking on Customers from the sidebar menu.

In the list, you can see customer details such as the customer’s name, email address, and the number of orders.

View List of Customer Groups

You can view the list of customer groups on the Customer Groups page by clicking on the grey Groups headline next to the Customers headline.

In the list, you can see group details such as the group’s title and the number of customers in the group.

Learn More About Customers

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