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Sales Channels Overview

In this document, you’ll get an overview of sales channels in Medusa and learn about their importance in your ecommerce store.


Sales Channels are multiple channels that you can sell your products through. For example, you can have a sales channel for the web storefront, another for the mobile app, and another for selling across social media platforms.

By default, there’s a default sales channel in a Medusa store. You can add multiple sales channels.

How Sales Channels Work

Sales channels are associated with data and settings in your ecommerce store.

For each sales channel, you can choose which products belong to that sales channel. A product can be available in more than one sales channel.

Then, when customers place an order from a sales channel, the order is associated with that sales channel. You’ll be able to see the sales channel an order was placed from in the Medusa Admin.

Sales Channels Settings Overview

To view the available sales channels and settings, go to Settings → Sales channels.

In the sales channels settings page, You can view available sales channels, add more sales channels, edit sales channels, and manage products available in the sales channel.

View Sales Channels of Orders

Orders Page

In the Orders page, you can see the sales channel an order belongs to. If the order doesn’t belong to any sales channel, you can see “N/A” instead.

Orders Details Page

In the details page of an order, you can find the sales channel the order belongs to, if there are any.

View Sales Channels of Products

Products Page

In the Products page, you can see the sales channels a product belongs to under the Availability column if there are any.

Products Edit Page

In the edit page of a product, you can find the sales channels the product belongs to and edit them under the Sales Channels section.

Learn More About Sales Channels

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