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Multi-Warehouse Overview

In this document, you’ll get an overview of the multi-warehouse setup and how you can use it in the Medusa Admin.


Multi-warehouse requires the Inventory and Stock Location modules to be installed. If you’re unsure how to handle that, please contact your technical team for support.


Multi-warehouse allows you to define multiple locations that your stock items are available in. You can then specify for each of these locations the quantity of the item. You can also associate locations with multiple Sales Channels.

When fulfilling an order, you can select the location to fulfill the items from. Similarly, when requesting or handling a return, you can select the location to return the item to. This will automatically increment or decrement the quantity as necessary.

It should be noted that the following are not explained within this section of the user guide:

  • Item allocation and locations in orders: this is explained in the Orders section.
  • Managing general inventory of a product variant: this is explained in the Products section.

Learn More About Multi-Warehouse

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