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Discounts Overview

In this document, you’ll get an overview of the customer listing page and everything you can do with it.


You can create discounts of different types in Medusa that customers use on checkout:

  • Percentage Discounts to deduct a percentage of the total amount of an order.
  • Fixed Discounts to deduct a fixed amount from the total amount of an order.
  • Free Shipping to override the delivery amount of an order and make it free.

Discounts are in the form of a code that your customers can use. You can set options for a discount such as a start and an end date.

You can also specify conditions for discounts, such as applying them for specific products or shipping options.

View List of Discounts

You can view the list of available discounts in your ecommerce store by clicking on Discounts from the sidebar menu.

In the list, you can see discount details such as the code, description, amount, and status.

Learn More About Discounts

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