6. Architectural Modules

In this chapter, you’ll learn about architectural modules.

What is an Architectural Module?#

An architectural module implements features and mechanisms related to the Medusa application’s architecture and infrastructure.

Since modules are interchangeable, you have more control over Medusa’s architecture. For example, you can choose to use Memcached for event handling instead of Redis.

Architectural Module Type#

There are different architectural module types including:

Diagram illustrating how the modules connect to third-party services

  • Cache Module: Defines the caching mechanism or logic to cache computational results.
  • Event Module: Integrates a pub/sub service to handle subscribing to and emitting events.
  • File Module: Integrates a storage service to handle uploading and managing files.
  • Notification Module: Integrates a third-party service or defines custom logic to send notifications to users and customers.

Architectural Modules List#

Refer to the Architectural Modules reference for a list of Medusa’s architectural modules, available modules to install, and how to create an architectural module.

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