3.5. Commerce Modules

In this chapter, you'll learn about Medusa's commerce modules.

What is a Commerce Module?#

Medusa provides all its commerce features as separate modules, such as the Product or Order modules.

These modules and your custom modules are interchangeable in the Medusa application, making Medusa’s architecture more flexible.

Refer to this reference for a full list of commerce modules in Medusa.

Resolve Commerce Module Services#

Similarly to your custom module, a commerce module's main service is registered in the Medusa container. So, you can resolve it in your resources, such as API routes, to use its functionality.

For example, you saw this code snippet in the Medusa container chapter:

1import type { MedusaRequest, MedusaResponse } from "@medusajs/medusa"2import { IProductModuleService } from "@medusajs/types"3import { ModuleRegistrationName } from "@medusajs/utils"4
5export const GET = async (req: MedusaRequest, res: MedusaResponse) => {6  const productModuleService: IProductModuleService = req.scope.resolve(7    ModuleRegistrationName.PRODUCT8  )9
10  const [, count] = await productModuleService.listAndCount()11
12  res.json({13    count,14  })15}

When you resolve the ModuleRegistrationName.PRODUCT (or productModuleService) registration name, you're actually resolving the main service of the Product Module.


To resolve the main service of any commerce module, use the registration name defined in the ModuleRegistrationName enum imported from @medusajs/modules-sdk.

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