4.5.1. Scheduled Jobs Number of Executions

In this chapter, you'll learn how to set a limit on the number of times a scheduled job is executed.

numberOfExecutions Option#

The export configuration object of the scheduled job accepts an optional property numberOfExecutions. Its value is a number indicating how many times the scheduled job can be executed during the Medusa application's runtime.

For example:

1export default async function myCustomJob() {2  console.log("I'll be executed three times only.")3}4
5export const config = {6  name: "hello-world",7  // execute every minute8  schedule: "* * * * *",9  numberOfExecutions: 3,10}

The above scheduled job has the numberOfExecutions configuration set to 3.

So, it'll only execute 3 times, each every minute, then it won't be executed anymore.


If you restart the Medusa application, the scheduled job will be executed again until reaching the number of executions specified.

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