3.1. Project Directories and Files

In this chapter, you’ll learn about important directories and files in your Medusa application's project.


This directory is the central place for your custom development. It includes the following sub-directories:

  • admin: Holds your admin dashboard's custom components and pages.
  • api: Holds your custom API routes that are added as endpoints in your Medusa application.
  • jobs: Holds your scheduled jobs that run at a specified interval during your Medusa application's runtime.
  • modules: Holds your custom modules that implement custom business logic.
  • scripts: Holds your custom scripts to be executed using Medusa's CLI tool.
  • subscribers: Holds your event listeners that are executed asynchronously whenever an event is emitted.
  • workflows: Holds your custom flows that can be executed from anywhere in your application.


This file holds your Medusa configurations, such as your PostgreSQL database configurations.

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