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Version 1.20 of Medusa ships performance improvements, bug fixes, and some breaking changes.

Breaking Changes

Stripe Plugin Changes

v6.0.7 of the Stripe plugin introduces improvements and breaking changes. Refer to its upgrade guide for more details on the breaking changes, required actions, and how to update it.

Service Registration Improvement

Previously, when you create services such as a Payment Processor or Fulfillment Provider, the Medusa backend relied on the use of the instanceof operator to check and register a service:

// previously
export function isPaymentProcessor(obj: unknown): boolean {
return obj instanceof AbstractPaymentProcessor

However, if you have a version mismatch in your packages, the instanceof check will fail even though the services are seemingly the expected type.

In this release, the service class type checks are now performed with static properties to eliminate this issue:

// now
static isPaymentProcessor(object): boolean {
return object?.constructor?._isPaymentProcessor

This change doesn't require any action from your side.

How to Update

Run the following command in your Medusa backend:

npm install @medusajs/medusa@1.20

To avoid unexpected issues with dependencies, it's also recommended to update all other Medusa plugins or packages you have installed.

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