Progress Tabs

A set of layered content panels, known as tabs, specifically designed for implementing multi-step tasks

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import { ProgressTabs } from "@medusajs/ui"
1<ProgressTabs defaultValue="general">2  <ProgressTabs.List>3    <ProgressTabs.Trigger value="general">4      General5    </ProgressTabs.Trigger>6    <ProgressTabs.Trigger value="shipping">7        Shipping8    </ProgressTabs.Trigger>9    <ProgressTabs.Trigger value="payment">10      Payment11    </ProgressTabs.Trigger>12  </ProgressTabs.List>13  <ProgressTabs.Content value="general">14    {/* Content */}15  </ProgressTabs.Content>16    <ProgressTabs.Content value="shipping">17       {/* Content */}18    </ProgressTabs.Content>19    <ProgressTabs.Content value="payment">20        {/* Content */}21  </ProgressTabs.Content>22</ProgressTabs>

API Reference


This component is based on the Radix UI Tabs primitves.


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