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The details of the claim to be created.


type"replace" | "refund"Required
The type of the Claim. This will determine how the Claim is treated: replace Claims will result in a Fulfillment with new items being created, while a refund Claim will refund the amount paid for the claimed items.
The Claim Items that the Claim will consist of.
Optional details for the Return Shipping Method, if the items are to be sent back. Providing this field will result in a return being created and associated with the claim.
The new items to send to the Customer. This is only used if the claim's type is replace.
The Shipping Methods to send the additional Line Items with. This is only used if the claim's type is replace.
The amount to refund the customer. This is used when the claim's type is refund.
An optional shipping address to send the claimed items to. If not provided, the parent order's shipping address will be used.
If set to true no notification will be send related to this Claim.
The ID of the location used for the associated return.
metadataRecord<string, unknown>
An optional set of key-value pairs to hold additional information.
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