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Commerce Modules

Medusa offers ecommerce features essential to all types of businesses as Commerce Modules. Starting from the basic products management and order management, to the more advanced automated return and exchange flows.

This part of the documentation covers Medusa’s ecommerce features and how they can be used. It also includes guides that help developers utilize these features to create unique digital experiences.

Feature Highlights

This section gives an overview of the features available in Medusa. You can learn more about other available features by following the guides in this documentation.

Optimized Shopping and Fulfillment Experience

Medusa provides the necessary features to build a customizable shopping experience for your customers. Medusa also offers features optimized for business operations to manage their orders efficiently.

  • Process orders' payments and fulfillments with custom logic or third-party providers.
  • Create one or multiple fulfillments for items in the order.
  • Edit an order to add, update, or delete its items.
  • Handle and automate order returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Create draft orders without direct involvement from the customer.
Inventory (Multi-Warehouse)
  • Create and manage multiple stock locations that represent where you physically store your products.
  • Manage the product variants' inventory across stock locations, and associate those locations with sales channels.
  • Associate order fulfillments and returns with a stock location. The management of inventory item quantity is handled automatically.
Cart and Checkout
  • Accept payments with payment processors including Stripe and PayPal.
  • Calculate taxes of a cart through custom logic or third-party tax providers.
  • Allow customers to apply discount codes and gift cards during checkout.
  • Fully customize the frontend experience of the checkout process.
  • Allow orders from both registered and unregistered customers.
  • Allow customers to create return or exchange requests from the storefront for better customer experience.
  • Assign customers different groups for segmentation and specify different pricing for customer groups.

Advanced Product Configurations and Management

Medusa's products configuration allows managing products of different types including products with options and gift cards. Medusa also includes advanced features related to pricing and discounts.

  • Create products with unlimited variants and options.
  • Organize products into nested categories of different hierarchies.
  • Associate products with collections, types, and tags.
  • Manage a product’s inventory, pricing, sales channels, and more.
  • Import and export products to and from Medusa using CSV files.
Gift Cards
  • Offer your customers a gift card with unlimited denominations.
  • Set denomination prices per currency to cater for different regions.
  • Send custom gift cards to specific customers for marketing purposes.
  • Manage a custom gift card's balance amount.
Price Lists
  • Override product prices or offer sales using price lists.
  • Set special conditions for price lists such as specific customer groups.
  • Override the price selection strategy used to show customers the best prices.
  • Bulk-edit prices in a price list when managing them using the Medusa Admin.
  • Create discounts and deals with advanced conditions and rules such as minimum cart quantity or specific products.
  • Offer free shipping, fixed discount, or percentage discount to your customers.
  • Set start and end dates for your discounts to ensure they run for a specified period of time

Ready Configurations for International Selling

Medusa's multi-region setup and sales channels allow businesses to sell internationally and sell across platforms. Medusa allows configuring regions differently to cater for different markets across the globe.

Region and Currencies
  • Support multi-region and multi-currencies in your store.
  • Create an unlimited number of regions, each associated with a currency and at least one country.
  • Manage each region’s settings including payment processors, shipping options, and more.
  • Set prices for products and shipping options specific to a currency or a region.
  • Specify different tax providers for different regions.
  • Create tax providers using custom logic or third-party integrations.
  • Customize tax configurations using tax rates and tax overrides.
  • Enable tax-inclusive pricing for automatic tax-rate calculations during checkout.
Sales Channels
  • Create sales channels for your different platforms such as web, mobile, or marketplaces.
  • Specify the availability of products for each sales channel.
  • Associate orders with each sales channel for better handling and logistics.
  • Associate API keys with sales channels for easier development.

Get Additional Help

If you have any questions about Medusa, its features, and development with it, feel free to reach out to the core team and the community behind Medusa on Discord.

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