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An address is used across the Medusa backend within other schemas and object types. For example, a customer's billing and shipping addresses both use the Address entity.


address_1null | stringRequired
Address line 1
address_2null | stringRequired
Address line 2
citynull | stringRequired
companynull | stringRequired
Company name
countrynull | CountryRequired
A country object.
country_codenull | stringRequired
The 2 character ISO code of the country in lower case
The date with timezone at which the resource was created.
customernull | CustomerRequired
Available if the relation customer is expanded.
customer_idnull | stringRequired
ID of the customer this address belongs to
deleted_atnull | DateRequired
The date with timezone at which the resource was deleted.
first_namenull | stringRequired
First name
ID of the address
last_namenull | stringRequired
Last name
metadataRecord<string, unknown>Required
An optional key-value map with additional details
phonenull | stringRequired
Phone Number
postal_codenull | stringRequired
Postal Code
provincenull | stringRequired
The date with timezone at which the resource was updated.
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