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Install Pricing Module in Medusa

In this document, you'll learn how to install the Pricing Module using NPM in the Medusa backend.

Step 1: Install Module

To install the Pricing Module, run the following command in the root directory of the Medusa backend:

npm install @medusajs/pricing

Step 2: Add Module to Configurations

In medusa-config.js, add the Pricing Module to the exported object under the modules property:

module.exports = {
// ...
featureFlags: {
// ...
medusa_v2: true,
modules: {
// ...
pricingService: {
resolve: "@medusajs/pricing",

Step 3: Run Migrations

Run the following commands to reflect schema changes into your database:

npx medusa migrations run
node node_modules/@medusajs/medusa/dist/scripts/migrate-to-pricing-module.js

Use the Module

You can now start using the module's PricingModuleService by resolving it through dependency injection.

For example:

import type { 
} from "@medusajs/medusa";
import {
} from "@medusajs/pricing"

export async function GET(
req: MedusaRequest,
res: MedusaResponse
) {
const pricingModuleService: PricingModuleService =

return res.json({
pricings: pricingModuleService.list()

Start Development

You can refer to the Example Usages documentation page for examples of using the Pricing Module.

You can also refer to the Module Interface Reference for a detailed reference on all available methods.

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