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Experimental Features

This section of the documentation includes features that are currently experimental.

As Medusa moves towards modularization, commerce concepts such as Products or Pricing will be moved to isolated commerce modules shipped as NPM packages. This significantly changes Medusa's architecture, making it more flexible for custom digital commerce applications.

Enabling Experimental Features

Production Warning

All features guarded by the medusa_v2 flag are not ready for production and will cause unexpected issues in your production server. Additionally, the core Store and Admin API routes are not registered if the flag is enabled – only routes in the dist/api-v2/* directory of the @medusajs/medusa package.

To enable the experimental features:

  1. Enable the medusa_v2 feature flag in your backend.
  2. Install the Product and Pricing modules and add them to the Medusa configurations.
  3. Finally, run migrations in your backend with the following command:
npx medusa migrations run
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