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A product's data.

The ID of the product.
The title of the product.
Whether the product is a gift card.
The status of the product.
The associated product collection.
The associated product type.
The associated product tags.
The associated product variants.
The associated product options.
The associated product images.
handlenull | string
The handle of the product. The handle can be used to create slug URL paths.
subtitlenull | string
The subttle of the product.
descriptionnull | string
The description of the product.
thumbnailnull | string
The URL of the product's thumbnail.
widthnull | number
The width of the product.
weightnull | number
The weight of the product.
lengthnull | number
The length of the product.
heightnull | number
The height of the product.
origin_countrynull | string
The origin country of the product.
hs_codenull | string
The HS Code of the product.
mid_codenull | string
The MID Code of the product.
materialnull | string
The material of the product.
categoriesnull | ProductCategoryDTO[]
The associated product categories.
Whether the product can be discounted.
external_idnull | string
The ID of the product in an external system. This is useful if you're integrating the product with a third-party service and want to maintain a reference to the ID in the integrated service.
created_atstring | Date
When the product was created.
updated_atstring | Date
When the product was updated.
deleted_atstring | Date
When the product was deleted.
metadataRecord<string, unknown>
Holds custom data in key-value pairs.
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