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Multi-Regional Store

This document guides you through Medusa's different features and resources to create a multi-regional store.


A multi-regional store allows merchants to sell across different countries. This includes supporting each country's tax rules, currency, available shipping and payment options, and more.

Medusa comes with multi-regional support out of the box. This recipe explains how you can benefit from Medusa's features to create a multi-regional store.

Multi-Region Setup

With Medusa, you can create unlimited regions in your store. Each region has configurations managed through the Medusa Admin Dashboard or the Admin API.


Merchants can specify the currency of each region. Multiple regions can have the same currency, but a region can have only one currency.

When customers view your products from a region, they see the prices in the region’s currency. As explained later, this also affects which prices are shown to the customer in a region.

Tax rates and providers

At the regional level, merchants can define a default tax rate and tax rates for specific conditions (for example, for a particular set of products). Each region can also have a different tax provider that calculates the taxes. You can use Medusa's default tax provider or create a custom tax provider.

During checkout, the taxes are calculated based on the customer's region, tax configurations, and rates.

Payment and Fulfillment Providers

Merchants can choose which payment and fulfillment providers are available in each region. For example, one region can use Payment Provider A and B while another only uses Payment Provider B.

Customers will only be shown the payment providers and shipping options configured for the region during checkout. This lets you give customers a localized experience that feels familiar and instills trust.

Medusa provides official plugins for payment and fulfillment providers. You can also create custom providers.

Prices Per Region and Currency

When a merchant sets the price of a product in Medusa, they can specify the price per currency and region. Merchants can also benefit from this pricing mechanism when adding sales or overriding prices for specific conditions using the Price Lists feature.

Then, customers see the price of a product based on the region they're in and the region's currency and whether any special pricing applies to their case. Medusa has a pricing strategy (which you can override) to show the customer the best price based on their context.

Using the tax-inclusive beta feature, merchants can specify prices, including taxes per currency and region. Medusa then calculates the tax amount applied to a line item in the cart based on the region's tax configurations.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Medusa provides Multi-warehouse features that allow you to manage your inventory across different locations. Merchants can then control which location an item in an order is fulfilled, allowing them to keep a correct inventory count across locations and sales channels.

A multi-regional setup lets you manage your inventory through Medusa across the different regions you serve. Your products’ inventory and availability aren't bound to a single stock location, and customers are always shown accurate inventory information based on the location associated with their sales channel.

Multi-Lingual Setup with Third-Party CMS

Medusa can be integrated with third-party services, including Content Management Systems (CMS). You can benefit from rich CMS features with a third-party CMS, including managing your content in multiple languages. This allows you to cater to customers’ different languages in the regions you serve.

Medusa provides an official Contentful plugin and a community Strapi plugin. You can also create a CMS plugin that integrates with your preferred CMS platform to provide multi-lingual features.

Automatic Location Detection

When you sell across regions, it's essential to be able to detect the customer's region and provide them with the products, prices, and content relevant to them without requiring actions from their side.

Medusa provides an IP Lookup plugin that lets you detect a customer's location and, ultimately, their region using ipstack. You can also create a plugin that detects the location through a different logic.

Additional Features and Development Resources

Medusa provides other essential commerce features and development resources to help you build your multi-region store.

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