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Ecommerce Recipe

This document guides you through building an ecommerce store with Medusa and start selling.


Businesses use an ecommerce store to allow customers to browse their products and make purchases. It also includes accepting payments, managing orders, and more.

Medusa provides all essential commerce features out-of-the-box. Businesses can go live and start selling without making any adjustments. They can also power-up their store with plugins for payment, fulfillment, and more.

Start Selling in 3 StepsCreate and deploy a full-fledged ecommerce store.
Create a Next.js Starter Template
Deploy the backend
Deploy the storefront

Create a Next.js Starter Storefront

The Medusa backend can be used with any storefront. All you have to do is connect to its Store APIs to utilize the backend's commerce features.

You can install, use, and customize the Next.js starter storefront to benefit from all the necessary ecommerce features. Alternatively, you can build your own storefront.

(Optional) Install Plugins

Medusa provides official plugins that you can use for payment, fulfillment, search, and more. These plugins can provide additional functionalities for both your backend and your storefront.

For example, if you want to accept payment with Stripe, you can install the Stripe plugin.

Deploy the Backend

The first step to go live is to deploy the Medusa backend. The deployment guides available in our documentation provide extensive step-by-step guide for different hosting providers, as well as a general deployment guide that you can follow to deploy your backend to other providers.

Deploy the Storefront

You can now deploy your storefront. The instructions defer whether you're using the Next.js storefront, a custom storefront, or other forms of storefronts such as a mobile app.

Explore Features and Development Resources

Our documentation includes guides related to Medusa's features and how to customize your store. You can learn about how to add new features to your storefront and backend, how to customize existing features, or how to use the Medusa Admin to perform different ecommerce functionalities.

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