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Medusa Recipes

This document provides you resources for different paths based on what you're building with Medusa.


These recipes assume you already have a Medusa backend setup. If not, you can create a Medusa project with the following command:

npx create-medusa-app

Learn more in this guide.

Recipe: Setup Ecommerce Store

Follow this recipe if you want to use Medusa for an ecommerce store. This recipe includes three steps that will get you a storefront deployed to Vercel and a backend deployed to Railway.

Start Selling in 3 StepsCreate and deploy a full-fledged ecommerce store.
Create a Next.js Starter Template
Deploy the backend
Deploy the storefront

Use-Case Based Recipes

Explore available recipes for different commerce use cases.

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Can't find your path?

Medusa is a customizable commerce solution that can be used to build any custom use case. If you can't find your use case mentioned above, the following guides give you a general understanding of how Medusa can be used and how you can customize it.

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