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Quickstart: Next.js Storefront

This document guides you to install and set up the Next.js Storefront for your Medusa Server.


The Next.js storefront is meant as a starter storefront with basic features. We have an advanced Next.js storefront currently in the works with a better design and more functionalities coming soon!

Next.js Storefront Quick Look


This document assumes you already have a Medusa server installed. If you don’t, please follow the Quickstart guide for the Medusa server to learn how to do it.


1. Create a new Next.js project using the Medusa starter template:

npx create-next-app -e my-medusa-storefront

2. Change to the newly created directory my-medusa-storefront and rename the template environment variable file to use environment variables in development:

mv .env.template .env.local

3. Make sure the Medusa server is running, then run the local Next.js server:

npm run dev

Your Next.js storefront is now running at localhost:8000!

Development Notes


To customize the pages of the storefront, you can customize the files under the pages directory.

To customize the components used in the storefront, you can customize the files under the components directory.

To customize the styles of the storefront, you can customize the styles directory.

Change Port

By default, the Next.js storefront runs on port 8000.

To change the port, change the develop command in package.json to the following:

"scripts": {
//other scripts
"dev": "next dev -p <PORT>"

Make sure to replace <PORT> with the port number you want the storefront to run on. For example, 3000.

Then, on your server, update the environment variable STORE_CORS to the URL with the new port:


For more details about the Store CORS configuration, check out the Configure your Server documentation.

Development Resources

You can learn more about development with Next.js through their documentation.

Storefront Features

  • View products and manage your cart.

Product Page

  • Full checkout workflow.

Shipping Details on Checkout

What’s Next 🚀