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Customers place orders to purchase products from an ecommerce business. This overview introduces the available features related to orders.


Not a developer? Check out the Orders user guide.


Order Management

Admins can manage orders placed by customers, including capturing payment and fulfilling items in the order. Admins can also export orders into CSV files.

Customers can view their previous orders.

Edit Orders

Admins can perform edits on items in an order, such as add, remove, or update items. Admins can request confirmation from the customer or force apply the edit.

Customers can review order edit requests and authorize additional payments if necessary.

Draft Orders

Admins can create draft orders that don’t require involvement from a customer. They can specify all details including items in the order, payment method, and more.

Returns, Swaps, and Claims

Admins can return order items, or create swaps to return an item to be replaced by a new one.

Customers can also request to return or swap items. This allows for implementing an automated Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) flow.

Understand the Architecture

Learn how order-related entities are built, their relation to other modules, and more.

Discover Order’s relation to other modules in Medusa

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