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createCustomAdminHooks Error

If you've installed Medusa prior to v1.13.2 with the create-medusa-app command, then you try to update the @medusajs/medusa and @medusajs/admin to the latest beta versions, you might run into the following error when running your Medusa backend:

Module '"medusa-react"' has no exported member 'createCustomAdminHooks'.

This is because a previous version of medusa-react allowed creating custom hooks using createCustomAdminHooks. This has now changed to use different utility hooks, which you can learn about the Medusa React documentation.

To resolve this issue, you have the following options:

  1. If you haven't used createCustomAdminHooks in your code, then you can delete the content of the src/admin directory which holds the widgets that create your onboarding flow, then try running your Medusa backend.
  2. If you've used the createCustomAdminHooks in your code, refer to the Medusa React to learn about the new utility hooks and how you can use them.
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