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Discount Generator

In this document, you’ll learn how to install the Discount Generator plugin on your Medusa backend.


In Medusa, merchants can create dynamic discounts that act as a template for other discounts. With dynamic discounts, merchants don't have to repeat certain conditions every time they want to create a new discount.

The discount generator plugin allows merchants and developers to generate new discounts from a dynamic discount. This can be done either by envoking the /discount-code API Route or using the DiscountGeneratorService.


Before you follow this guide, you must have a Medusa backend installed. If not, you can follow the quickstart guide to learn how to do it.

Install Plugin

In the directory of your Medusa backend, run the following command to install the plugin:

npm install medusa-plugin-discount-generator

Finally, add the plugin to the plugins array in medusa-config.js:

const plugins = [
// ...
resolve: `medusa-plugin-discount-generator`,

Test the Plugin

Using the API Route

The plugin registers a POST API Route /discount-code. The API Route accepts in the request body the parameter discount_code which is a string indicating the code of the dynamic discount to generate a new discount from. The API Route then creates the new discount from the dynamic discount and returns it in the response.

So, to test out the API Route, run the following command in the root of your project to start the Medusa backend:

npx medusa develop

Then, create a dynamic discount. You can do that either using the Medusa Admin which is available (if installed) at http://localhost:7001 after starting the backend, or using the Admin REST APIs.

After that, send a POST request to the /discount-code API Route, passing the discount_code parameter in the request body with the value being the code of the dynamic discount you just created. A new discount will be created with the same attributes as the dynamic discount code and returned in the response.

Using the DiscountGeneratorService

After installing the plugin, the DiscountGeneratorService is registered in the dependency container. So, you can resolve and use it in custom services, API Routes, or other resources.

The DiscountGeneratorService has one method generateDiscount. This method requires passing the code of a dynamic discount as a parameter. It then creates a new discount having the same attributes as the dynamic discount, but with a different, random code.

Here's an example of using the service in an API Route:

import type { 
} from "@medusajs/medusa"

export const POST = async (
req: MedusaRequest,
res: MedusaResponse
) => {
// skipping validation for simplicity
const { dynamicCode } = req.body
const discountGenerator = req.scope.resolve(
const code = await discountGenerator.generateDiscount(

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