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Sales Channels

Sales channels are different methods a business offers its products for purchase for the customers. This overview introduces the available features related to sales channels.


Not a developer? Check out the Sales Channels user guide.


Sales Channel Management

Admins can manage sales channels, creating an unlimited number of them. They specify the products’ availability for each sales channel.

Sales Channels for Each Platform

Developers can associate a platform with a sales channel. For example, associating a storefront with a web sales channel. Only products available in that sales channel will be shown, and all orders placed on that sales channel will be associated with it.

Admins can filter orders by a sales channel. This would allow them to handle orders coming from each sales channel differently.

Understand the Architecture

Learn how sales channel related entities and concepts are built, their relation to other modules, and more.

Discover Sales Channel’s relation to other modules in Medusa.

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