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Regions and Currencies

Regions are essential to your Medusa ecommerce store. They represent different countries or regions your ecommerce store serves customers in. This overview introduces the available features related to regions and currencies.


Not a developer? Check out the Regions user guide.


Multi-Region Support and Management

In Medusa, you can create an unlimited number of regions. A region can be associated with one or more country.

For example, you can create a region to represent the European region, and associate European countries with that region. You can also create a region that represents each of these countries on their own.

Each region can have its own settings such as the currency, payment processors, tax providers, and more.

Multi-Currency Support

A currency can be associated with one or more regions. When setting prices for products, you can specify a price per currency and per region.

You have complete control over the format and value of the price of a product per currency and per region. This flexibility removes the restriction of being tied to a predefined conversion rate, which often leads to prices badly-formatted on the storefront.

Region Switcher in the Storefront

Your customers can choose the region that matches their location. This would automatically show the correct product prices to the customer with the currency of that region.

During checkout, customers will only see the available shipping options and payment processors in their region. Taxes are also calculated based on that region. This ensures a seamless checkout experience tailored for every region.

Understand the Architecture

Learn how Regions and Currencies are built, their relation to other modules, and more.

Discover Regions and Currencies' relation to other modules in Medusa.

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