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Multi-warehouse allows merchants to store a product in multiple locations with accurate and consistent inventory data within the commerce application.

Multi-warehouse in Medusa is composed of two modules: an inventory module - which is the NPM package @medusajs/inventory - and a stock location module - which is the NPM package @medusajs/stock-location.

You can also create your own modules and use them with the Medusa backend.


Multiple Stock Locations

Admins can manage the stock locations, which are the places they store their products. Stock locations are associated with different sales channels.

Inventory Management Across Locations

Admins can manage the inventory of product variants across the different stock locations.

Manage Item Allocations in Orders

Admins can manage item allocations to choose which stock location to fulfill items from or return items to. Item quantities are reserved in a stock location until the item is fulfilled to ensure data consistency.

Understanding the Architecture

The commerce modules automatically detect whether a product variant is in stock, decrement the variant’s stock on fulfillment, and increment the variant’s stock on returns.

Discover Multi-warehouse’s relation to other modules in Medusa.

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