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Gift Cards

Gift cards are prepaid codes that can be purchased and used during checkout as an alternative to payment methods or to receive a discount. This overview introduces the available features related to gift cards.


Not a developer? Check out the Gift Cards user guide.


Gift Card Management

Admins can manage their main gift card with unlimited denominations.

Gift Card Purchasing

Customers can view the gift card and purchase it on the storefront. Customers can also use the gift card during checkout to deduct the gift card’s balance from the checkout total.

Developers can implement custom logic to send the gift card to the customer. They can alternatively implement a Shipping Profile that specifically handles the fulfillment of gift cards.

Custom Gift Cards

Admins can create custom gift cards that are sent to specific customers. These customers can then use the gift card during checkout, the same way they would if they purchased one.

Understand the Architecture

Learn how gift card related entities and concepts are built, their relation to other modules, and more.

Discover Gift Card's relation to other modules in Medusa

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