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Prepare Development Environment

This document includes the installation instructions for the tools required to use and run Medusa.


Node.js is the environment that makes it possible for Medusa to run, so you must install Node.js on your machine to start Medusa development.


Medusa requires version 16.14.0 or higher of Node. You can check your Node version using the following command:

node -v

You can install the executable directly from the Node.js website.

For other approaches, you can check out Node.js’s guide.


Medusa uses Git behind the scenes when you create a new project. So, you'll have to install it on your machine to get started.

To install Git on Windows, you need to download the installable package.


The Medusa backend uses PostgreSQL to store data of your commerce system.

You can download the PostgreSQL Windows installer from their website.

(Optional) Medusa CLI

Medusa provides a CLI tool that can aid your through your Medusa development. You can install it globally, or you can use it through npx.

You can install Medusa’s CLI with the following command:

npm install @medusajs/medusa-cli -g

To confirm that the CLI tool was installed successfully, run the following command:

medusa -v

Troubleshooting Installation

NPM Error: EACCES Permissions Errors
Powershell Error: command not found: medusa
Yarn Error: command not found: medusa

Install Medusa Backend

Once you're done installing the necessary tools in your environment, check out the Medusa Backend Quickstart to install your Medusa backend.

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