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How to Create Migrations

In this document, you’ll learn how to create a Migration using Typeorm on your Medusa server.

Create Migration File

To create a migration that makes changes to your Medusa schema, run the following command:

npx typeorm migration:create -n UserChanged --dir src/migrations

This will create the migration file in the path you specify. You can use this without the need to install Typeorm's CLI tool. You can then go ahead and make changes to it as necessary.

The migration file must be inside the src/migrations directory. When you run the build command, it will be transpiled into the directory dist/migrations. The migrations run command can only pick up migrations under the dist/migrations directory on a Medusa server. This applies to migrations created in a Medusa server, and not in a Medusa plugin. For plugins, check out the Plugin's Structure section.


You can learn more about writing migrations in Typeorm’s Documentation.

Build Files

Before you can run the migrations you need to run the build command to transpile the TypeScript files to JavaScript files:

npm run build

Run Migration

The last step is to run the migration with the command detailed earlier

medusa migrations run

If you check your database now you should see that the change defined by the migration has been applied successfully.

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